Growing houseplants in water, why not?


Are you a person who has a strong desire with gardening but now live in a limited area  or always be tied up with work? Suppose you are under pressure and there is a bottle with opaque water, some people, a cup of lush trees or flowers and the roots in your desk, what is your feeling? Believe me, you will be in a good mood and the said bottle will absolutely make your day.

A variant of growing indoor plants – growing houseplants in water is a great activity that make it easier to grow houseplants, additional using water instead of soil has several big advantages.

Easy to begin

First of all, you don’t need too much space as well as too many tools to have an indoor water garden of your own, which is totally helpful for cramped quarters or small captivated surface. The first thing you need is a container which can hold water. Whether clear or coloured, anything you have can become the ideal vessel, but a glass bottle is the best choice ever. That’s because it will permit you to follow the process of growing and have a chance to contemplate beautiful roots. After you have picked an appropriate container, fill it with water and add sand, some gravels or anything you want to decorate it. Another useful tip for you is dissolving fertilizer with water, which can hasten the process of growth and prevent plants from mold and diseases. However, the quantity of fertilizer is not similar to the quantity used in soil, a little bit can do everything.

Easy to take care

Growing houseplants in water don’t take your time much to care for. All you need to do is to renew the water. This manipulation just needs to be carried out twice a week. For most plants, soil

is the indispensable composition to provide essential nutrients ensuring their improvement. In fact, there are so many different types of plants that are completely suitable for growing in water.Therefore, you won’t have to think about whether they have enough water,the liquid will supply nutrients for the roots of the trees regularly.The only thing that occupies almost your time is waiting for the change of your garden because growing houseplants in water may be a slower method than in soil. Surely your effort must be repaid worthily by new changes of your house. This way is also cleaner. You don’t need to worry about soil spilling all over the floor or your furniture and just throw out the dirt sticking on the leaves if you want. Hence, let’s spend your time in listening to music, reading a book, watching a movie,so on instead of tidying up a mess.

Easy to transfer

A bottle of plants looks like a flower vase that usually stand on the table,  take on the function of a decorative medium. It can be moved to dc8629ed76dddf4d78c97a1af4769c96everywhere without any difficulty. In some cases, growing plants in water are to give someone as an original and meaning present. It is up to the kind you chose. For instance, you can give your friend a flower bulbs bottle to imply the thinking of a friendship. In some special occasion like new year, promotion or wedding, a vase of dumbcane or Chinese evergreen will speak for you all the best wishes to the receiver. You can take some small vessels to your office, place them in the table, glance at anytime stress comes and you can see how much effective they can do.

With the same weather, a plant growing in water have the same requirements as a plant growing in soil.Some plants develop quickly as absorbing a lot of sunlight streaming through the window while others seem more adaptable with temperature and condition in a room. There is no problem when they are moved from here to there or vice versa until the moment they gradual grow and become stronger, stronger. In general, the basic requirements are related to the characteristic of each plant, the more suitable they can be, the faster the plants can grow.

In conclusion, growing plants in water is simply a new-fangled method based on basic gardening. Not only are some plants maintained, but they can also thrive healthily and successfully. Owing to this, gardening becomes interesting and facile more than ever, concurrently  you can have the added enjoyment of seeing the roots develop as your plant grows. Don’t need to prepare too much, just relax and have a tiny garden by yourself. And now it’s time to conduct your vessel!

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