How to care for houseplants


Having plants in your house help you enjoy enormous benefits for your health, your environment is more beautiful and the air is fresher. Because150064-283x424-WateringHouseplant they grow and change, some people even think about plants as friendly. Therefore they also need to be care and attention. However, it seems not difficult for beginners and does not cost too much your time and money.When you know what your house plants need, you will know how to respond them. Skills can be improved along process but there are some tips that you can pick up right now.


The first thing you should concern is water. Plants need water to develop, but just sufficient, not too much not too little. At the same time, each kind of plants needs a quality t
hat is suitable for its habitat and sometimes, their need in watering changes in periods.For instance, a cactus which grows healthily in hot dry regions, need less watering than flowering plants, but need a bit more water than otherwise if it produces flowers. Normally, when you water a plant, in order to know how much is enough you just need to water it until you can see water overflow out of the bottom of the pot. That means the soil inside becomes completely wet and don’t need more water. And if water has not come out of the bottom of the pot, you should sprinkle more.


Another important note is light. Plants need light to support to the process of respiration and photosynthesis, which green plants turn carbon dioxide and water into food using energy obtained from light from the sun. A window, balcony or living room are ideal places but make sure how much natural light is available and needed for plants. You can use an indoor grow light placed next to the plant indeed. The plant should be rotated every once a while in order that all parts of the plant can get light and temperature with the same degree.


Plants need a feed. In wildlife, plants are supplied with enough nutrients from the soil, but houseplants just absorb very little. They still grow without feeding, but the plants will slowly shrink away and be prone to disease. You can feed them to hasten this process. There are three major constituents of plant food: nitrogen for leaf growth, phosphates for root growth and potash for flowers. You should start feeding regularly once they fill their pot with roots. If you want them to remain healthy and create luxuriance, you need to give food to them regularly.


A pot is not only the container of the plant, it also enhances the beauty of the plant. Because of growing houseplants is one of the best choices to decorate as well as make your house greener, when choosing a pot you also consider its material, color or pattern… It is a chance for you to stimulate your artist creativity with some handmade products.

However, pots need to meet some requirements such as: they can hold soil and water or have at least one opening in the bottom, otherwise the plants are very easy to be waterlogged, so full of water that soil can not hold anymore. It is also essential that you should change the pot when the plant grows. In the beginning, the pot that you chose fit to the sapling, but day after day, the container become too small for plant’s pony. Sometimes, the plant is not steady and may fall. Then, the  pot may be broken by the development of roots.One tip for you is to transfer your house plant into a larger pot if you can see that roots are growing out of the holes.

Whatever you do, it is just difficult at first steps when you haven’t been well-informed about something new. So does growing houseplants. Let’s start by going to a highly regarded hothouse and researching dissimilar varieties of plants for their light, temperature and space requirements and choose a plant that make you pleased but is also appreciate for your particular purpose. Your effort will be repaid in full.


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