Containers for Houseplants

When growing a plant in your house, besides considering your kinds of plants, their habitat, you usually consider the plant’s needs, your decorating needs, and your houseplant skills.Hence, at the first step, you not only choose a plant that is suitable for your lifestyle, but also pick up a pot matching to the plant. In this case, the pot plays the role as both a container and decorative item.

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You can use anything that holds potting soil and can have drainage holes drilled into it. However, the pots need to follow some ground rules to make sure your plants grow healthily.

Matching plants and pots

Most houseplants today are sold in standard plastic pots. After bringing to home, some plant owners prefer to replace these pots. They choose from pots that come in an almost infinite variety of materials, types, sizes, and colors. Simply, the purpose of a container is to hold the right amount of growing medium for the plant. In other words, the container you choose should match the size of your plant. Small plants should be in small containers and large plants in large containers. If plants are too small for their pots, they will grow poorly because the soil is wet for a long time after watering so the plants are easily waterlogged. If plants are too large for their pots, the roots will fill up the whole container and cause slow growth.

Drainage Holes

Although, pots are used for holding soil and water, they also need to have at least one hole in their bottoms for excess water to drain out. These drainage holes have effective of balancing the quantity in case you water too much. Owing to them, each pot needs a saucer underneath it to prevent water from spilling onto your carpet, floor or furniture. Remember these saucer when water plants not to let water overflow.

Type of containers for houseplants


There is a wide variety of containers available and your choice will depend on where you’ll be placing your container and which plants you want to grow.The most popular container for plants is the plastic pot. It is easy to clean and light, inexpensive. Plastic does not absorb moisture from the soil, then plants in plastic pots don’t need to be watered frequently. Anther common container for indoor plants is the clay pot. It is attractive and heavy, but quickly absorbs moisture from the soil. Therefore, plants in clay pots need to be water more frequently than plastic ones. Other materials for houseplant containers include metal, wood, glazed ceramic, glass… These pots are used for special purposes and special types of plant.

Cleaning the pots

It is so important to clean containers for the garden. That’s because soil builds up salts can damage plants or diseases may transfer from last season to your new plants. The solution is cleaning only used pots before using them again, which can keep your plants healthy and productive. Knowing how to clean a container can preserve the health of your seedlings and will give your container garden a new and fresh start to the season.

Self-watering containers

If you travel a lot or simply don’t want to worry about plants drying out, you can buy a self-watering container. These pots allow you to get away during the heat of summer and not worry whether your plants are getting watered. Some self-watering containers are particularly great for growing vegetables because they give plants a steady moisture level, which most plants love. Self-watering containers come in many styles, from useful and practical to attractive.

You can get creative with the plant containers you use. Your choice of the container which is along with a choice of plants communicates feelings and sets a mood. It can be amusing, a statement of value, clever, loud, quiet, classy, creative, solid, sophisticated, stylish, primitive, homespun, environmentally friendly, understated, matched and more. As a result, container gardening is easy and rewarding if you have the right containers. It’s up to you!

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