Are you interested in woodworking? A router table can handle many tasks such as shaping wood, cutting lumber, engraving wood, trimming edges, sanding, sawing in furniture making. Then it is recommended that you should buy yourself the best router table for your project.As a matter of fact, there are many benefits of using a router table and features are also different from one to another depending on their designs to provide much convenience for users.

Actually, many router tables offered by a lot of manufacturers these days. Here you can find the basic information about the best router tables in the marketplace due to their features and consistency with your own needs to get your jobs done at the highest quality.

A Bench Top Router Table

router table 1

The bench top router table is for beginner. Therefore, manufacturers fix its power switch over the right side so that it will be much easier to turn on and off. This model of router table is designed to make it affordable to woodworker at the entry-level, however it is very ergonomic and sturdy that can give you plenty of working space.

A Small Router Table

router table 2


The small router table is designed in a reduced size to make it more portable compared to a standard one. The small size and its light weight is an advantage in transporting, but it is not suitable one for large tasks. There are optional accessories such as miter gauge, storage pocket for holding router accessories and dust collection port for vacuum hoses. Two scales are made in the table top made of aluminum. The front of the fence therefore is oriented to the bit in the range of the scales. With its overall versatility, you can still make precise workpiece.

A Router Table with an Enclosed Base

router table 4

The router table with a base enclosed in it can help to reduce dust and noise. This option gives you plenty storage for accessories and router bits with its cabinet base. The fences of this table type are longer and adjusted in four directions. There is an enclosed base attached to the table to give it some heft. If one fence is offset and a spacer is used with it, it can function as a jointer.

A Router Table with anInside Lift

router table 3


Some engineered router tables have lift fitted in an enclosure. The table top has a wrench fitted into the mounted bolt so that you just need to turn the wrench and the lift will be adjusted its height which will then raise or lower the bit. There is no disengaging of the router from the lift whenever the bit is changed by your raising the unit up.

A Full Cabinet Unit

router table 5

The fence in this unit is much longer and there is more spacious for storage than other tables. In some models, the router table is equipped with metal legs to make it highly durable. The back of the fence has a dust collection port fitted on it. The height adjustments can be made because it also has the router lift. The miter slot is made in its full-size. Also, the table top is fitted with the power switch so it is with no difficulty with fumbling underneath the table searching. The featherboards are also mounted to the table and fence for easy use. It is advised to choose the table having rigid router to ensure accurate cuts with the plate remained flat.

A Precision Lift


There is another tool that you can mount to a router table as an upgrade. It is a precision lift that you can set the bit height to the level as you need.

Noise Reduction System

There may be an additional feature in many types of router table to make it friendlier to the environment with this reducing noise system.

If you are planning a wood project at home, it is very important to purchase a right router table. You don’t need to invest a large sum of your budget to this tool. There are a lot of options in the market. Be patient and find out the most suitable one for your particular use.

However, you consider yourself as a professional woodworker, the small version of router table or the table with basic functions will not give you satisfaction with the result. Choose a more professional router tables with additional features to make complicated and well-designed workpiece.

Therefore, it is important to identify your features you want from a router table and make a correct decision after comparing the features of different types as in the list above.

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