Best electric Pressure Cooker – Reviews & Tips

You don’t want to watch the pot while cooking but still be able to produce great food. Are you looking for one cooker that can do that for you in your absence? Find an electric pressure cooker.Electric pressure cookers offer many big advantages over normal stove tops due to its functions.

There are highly evaluated range top cookers with good capability. Read our best electric pressure cooker with features and qualities to help you find out exactly the best for your kitchen but suitable to your budget also.


The usual capacity is 6 quarts. Many producers have models with more practical capacity of 8 and half quarts. The cooking surface diameter is also an important factor to consider as purchasing. As cooking, you can only place smaller food in that base surface diameter. The maximum fill line should be 2/3 full.


The capacity displaces at the amount of time needed for cooking. Many models with high capacity can cook faster and more delicious than the others. The minutes of cooking from raw to ready are compared one over the other.

Pressure release

There are normally two options in releasing pressure after you finish your cooking: quick release and natural release. This depends on what dish you are making.

  • Quick release is to allow an immediate pressure release for foods that do not need extra cooking time. The normal time is around 1 to 2 minutes by turning, lifting or pressing the pressure release valve. The process is accompanied by a burst of steam.
  • Natural release is good for cooking foods such as dried beans. The pressure is dropped slowly and automatically without your involvement. Many electric pressure cookers have indicator pins dropped to notify you that the pressure has just been released. It often ranges from 10 to 15 minutes for the process.

The quick-release feature drops the pressure in how many minutes also different and various so that you can faster feed your hungry people in a short period of time.

Some cookers are good and ideal for delicious stew and large meatloaves in 30-50 minutes with the quick release. However, there are some designed to be perfect for veggies and delicate foods. You use the other one for cooking this then these delicate ones can easily be overcook. Program it right to make a desired dinner for your family.

Liner pot

Liner pot

This is like the liner pot of a rice cooker so that the food is cooked inside it. These are covered by a non-stick coating or stainless steel; however that makes the pots rather light, slippery sometimes. There are some models designed to overcome this issue. There are others still difficult for us to grasp especially when we pour hot food through a sieve.



Some models have handles on the nonstick cooking pot so that it will not spin around as we stirred food. It will be also much safer and easier with these kinds of handles when we want to pour off hot liquid.

“Keep warm” mode

After the food is cooked thoroughly, the electric pressure cooker automatically switches to “keep warm” mode. However, there are some models accidentally turning your cooking program into “keep warm” mode if the liquid in the pot is not sufficient. This is a common problem cooking large loaf of meat such as whole chicken and beef loaf. Given this issue, some models are indicated clearly about this mode which will automatically turn the cooker into “keep warm” if there is less than 2 cups of liquid when cooking recipes with large pieces of meat.

Evaporation loss

The liquid is lost during cooking. It is important to make the food juicy and prevent much water loss as much as possible for example browning and stew dishes. Electric pressure cooker requires a minimal amount of liquid to generate the steam cooking the food. After heating up the cookers, a trickle of steam is released through valves in their lids and continues for a few times during cooking process. This feature is also various from brands to models. Because the quality of the dishes is in tight cooperation with the evaporation loss in some dishes which only requires a small amount of liquid, those cooker models with less rate of evaporative loss is more preferable and highly rated.


If you usually cook browning dishes, the even browning is also important factor to look into. It cannot be the best electric pressure cooker if you take a simple crepe test with it and see that the browning is uneven.

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