The economy with recent recessions force people nowadays to find ways of saving money but do not consume plenty of time. It is encouraged to stay away from shops to make our own need and save cash. Sewing used to be a forgotten skill is gaining its popularity again among a whole new generation. Whether you are interested in sewing learning or you are used to sewing for many years. Whether you are beginners or expert, then the best sewing machine for beginners is exactly what you need to have for your craft!

There is a wide range of options for beginners. The price normally ranges from $150 to $1,000.

The sewing machine is mechanical or computerized, or the one that embroider, quilt or just sew. There are many different features and functions of a sewing machine helping you to complete your projects without spoiling the quality of your work. Moreover, you can build in your children the love of sewing so that they can skillfully make their own work and stay away from electric screens which do more harm than good. It is fun, easy and safe for children just by a little instruction from adults.

Here are our expert advices to help you on choosing out the best one among thousands of models offered on the market these days. You do not want to waste your money to invest in an expensive sewing machine but only use very basic sewing features of it. Think about what you want to do with a sewing machine before picking one from the store. Depending on your needs, a sewing machine with specific features is suitable to
those different desires.

Sewing capabilities

The performance of a machine is greatly impacted by a set of features.

People use machine’s stitches per minute (SPM) to indicate how many stitches you can make in one minute. Some machines are advertised of having SPM up to 1,100 SPM. However, for beginners, you are recommended to get an adjustable speed sewing machine which is very useful to control you desired speed especially with your young kids.

Another important thing is the tension control of the sewing machine. This function is to allow you to automatically make adjustment of the tension to fit your workpiece. Some models even have dials for you to do this manually.


The buttonhole making operation of a machine is also necessarily essential for you to consider. How many buttonholes and how many styles can the machine handle?  This function is various from model to model. In regard of one-step buttonhole, there is only one operation from the machine to do this and you also do not need to get any involvement in this simple step. However, the four-step buttonholes are much more complicated as it requires several steps of operations from the machine and a bit of your skill and involvement into this. Consider about the type of button on the clothing.



Some sewing machines are designed to operate automatically with the preparation of all the necessary things you need to operate on the machine. Therefore, it is the perfect tool for needle threaders, cutters and bobbin winders to help the elders with difficulty in seeing.


In order to complete most of sewing projects, there are different tools and accessories required on a sewing machine. The most common accessory is presser feet which can handle different tasks and fabrics and help you to adapt to different projects.


Other accessories such as needle set, seam ripper, cleaning brush, spool caps, bobbins, screwdriver, spool pin, eyelet punch are often chosen due to different needs to offset the cost a high standard with multiple functions machines.

If you are a rarely sewing user, then the machine must be covered with dust in the corner. Then dust cover is a way to protect it.


First and foremost, the dimension of the machine highly effects on your sewing project. In some models, sewing machines are portable and light for easy moving and transporting. Some either have a case or a handle. You may need a sewing machine compact dimensions which will help to save space for supplies. The throat space is also important for quilting tasks.

Most machines are fitted adjustable feed dogs so that there is no restraint in your sewing with different directions. A good machine also needs to have a drop-in bobbin for easy loading. A knee lifter is another feature which will have you hands free and don’t have to manually lift the presser foot off the fabric.


Focus on specific features, accessories and designs to choose what you really need.

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