Tips When Buying Brother sewing machine

According to several Serger reviews in 2016, Brother is one of the series most widely selected. But you still should learn before you buy the machine.


One of the points that cause users difficulty in using the Brother sewing machines are the machines of Brother either of the simplest product line has been built with a lot of features is relatively complex.

Brother serger CS6000i

Brother sewing machine enables authorized users to select the type suture with the size, the distance between each different nose. The machine has many functions and complex embroidery. Therefore, many machines can be combined with a sewing machine or embroidery to automatic. Multiple machines can be used to sew the fabric felt quite unwell.


It should be noted that a sewing machine sewing machine efficiently meets the requirements of the users use with fabrics and sewing certain style. From there the user can choose the sewing machine on the basis of the following criteria: size machines, needles, stretch fabric systems, features displayed on the screen, connectivity features with computers, materials for the machine.

Brother serger machine NV950


No two Brother sewing machines that have the same size. This not only helps consumers choose the machine that best suits your workspace, but it also created huge differences between the uses of each type. Some large machines allow users to easily sew the large-sized products, there should be the long seam. Some kinds are more compact but with considerable depth allow the suture good from back to front. Some models to overcome the limitations in terms of space by creating additional removable drawers for extra space for the machine. The length and height of the handle are also very important. Handles high allow the observation easier but slipped back stretch fabric and more difficult. Of course, this point most of the models are suffering, but they are gradually being overcome.


Lamps are extremely important parts of the sewing machine. Because the handle of the sewing machine occupies a relatively large space usually sure light and difficult to observe, especially when using only the color and fabric. A design incorporating LED replacement for traditional light bulbs has created a better light, save energy more durable medium.


The modern sewing machine control displays often used in place of mechanical buttons and old signs difficult to read. Upon pressing the button, the user can immediately see what kind of stitches they have chosen. Some basic line of sewing machines with screen controller can be programmed to create simple embroidery products, in addition to features such as the name on the label attached and “signature” on the product is also increasingly becoming common. Screen size is also very diverse. Some just use the old line monochrome LCD screen to display the basic information. The more sophisticated models have larger screens colorful, display information clear and easy to read. Some Brother sewing machine lines even with multiple language screen display and features support more users.


The recent flow Brother sewing machine also has sensors placed needles in the area to inform a user when just running out to avoid people who unfortunately do not know, and, unfortunately, it has only led to the edge of the fabric end bung vulnerable then. Some lines also allow the user can optionally turn on, turn off the sensor.


The play buttons usually take a lot of time and annoyances for sewing, but now most of Brother sewing machines are more functions and can create different sized buttons. With the more complex models, users can even outline sewing buttons with many different designs.


Modern sewing machine Brother can create a number of the stitches style staggering number from a few dozen to hundreds of different styles. The majority of users never use all this nasal type, but having a large number of different types of stitches still very useful, especially for those who often sewing a variety of fabrics and different products.


Most garment sewing machines can be from hundreds to thousands of shots over a minute, but the most important issue here is whether this sewing machine sewing can allow arbitrary speed regulation or not. Brother sewing machine sewing allowing select appropriate speed in each case, or for users to easily get acquainted. For example, with the thin fabric, it’s still best to sew at a slow speed.


The multi-functional design as possible off button allows the user to temporarily hold stitches to a place and easily rotate the back thanks to the support of the axis of rotation function. The other convenient design transparent and automatic as brushing pierced only make such chores become less boring. Although users can do things like that but obviously the design on apparel will make beginners feel the garment is not too difficult to learn.


One of the key points when choosing Brother sewing machine is whether it is connected to a computer or not, especially those who need the complicated embroidery products. Connect to a computer to help users to use the sewing machine a more simple way. But it should be noted that the operating system can be compatible sewing machines (Mac, Microsoft, and Linux).

Buit-in stitch selections AS1430S


These various sewing accessories are designed to perform different functions and documents consistent with various objects used. While most of the sewing machines are the basic accessories like metal backup, toilet brushes, some additional accessories also help close the buttons … apart pieces and peach tiles containing metallic bobbin. Best to choose the Brother sewing machine line with the rear shield to protect the machine from dust closed while not in use.

Many today do not need sewing machine oiler for machine parts are sealed. However, this does not mean they cannot be waterproof. Note that the sewing machine can be closed dirt, especially the area just cherries wrapped transparent, conductive parts only. So better to choose a sewing machine with hygiene guidelines, specific maintenance.

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