5 dangerous risk of a hand-made router table

Currently, because of economic problems so many homemade cheap out for themselves the router table to reduce the workload of the production process. This is considered very dangerous by the workmen made the unexpected part was the fault of the machine during operation. The machines are untested dangerous quality for human life.


Photo: A router table top in making process

Not Certified

The hand-made router table is derived from the people who enjoy tinkering creativity and apply knowledge that has not been trained. Or because of the circumstances, want to get rid of the deadlock, the difficulty of the problem in the process of manufacturing of wood products. Or even today, the hand-made router table is made from the machines they repair damaged structures and changes very dangerous and untested on quality standards.

Why a new device every birth must receive a newly launched Certificate. Because if not tested the device cannot guarantee the safety of users, not environmental friendly. So the quality inspection on all items is strict rules and mandatory.

Hand-made router table does not guarantee the technical parameters during operation so prone to error is that the user can not anticipate.

This article will give some main reasons why you should think again about the use of a hand-made router table and buy a genuine router table

Low Accuracy

These hand-made router table units are produced by manually should be no higher accuracy. The cuts can be deflected or not sharp major impact on the quality of the final product.

If the router table is genuine, you can rest assured about the quality standards. You will not have to worry about the machine can ruin expensive place your materials by cuts skewed, or the value of your product makes a significant decrease from a few cuts are not accurate. With a router table, you will get sophisticated products and perfect in every detail.

Dangerous for users

The authentic produce a router table takes a lot of effort from material selection, design, and installation. This ensures a level of safety for workers when using and ensure the accuracy of products generated from the router table. These products are marketed before go through the testing of the safety standards are very strict. Therefore, the use of the router table authentic will minimize risks in an accident while sawing.

The products are hand-made router table produced spontaneously, so people do not have enough knowledge about occupational safety created, nor is calibrated to the risk of an accident is very high. For example, these products can not normally be capable sure blade damage due to carelessness is very high.


Photo: A dangerous router table without saw cover

Less Features

Compared to the router authentic hand-made table, the router table will feature much less. This is understandable because the router table authentic long laborious research and integrate additional features that can handle the wooden boards with thicknesses and different hardware.


Photo: A router table

Expensive compared with its value

Many people think that self-creating a cheaper router table so they tend themselves to create a router table. But buying a router table with authentic features is substantially more economic. A router allows you to cut authentic are many different types of wood without having to invest many types of saws.


The home-made router table is not a specific test for recyclability or environmental pollution levels when in operation, thus not ensuring environmental standards. Sometimes these machines also make use of the old machine, powered by petroleum raw materials are contaminated.

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