How to Train Your Babies The Right Way for Using Sippy Cups

Most babies find the best sippy cups for milk with many flexible straws so attractive that they cannot totally remove the habit of using them. Such an issue may be the hardest problem you hardly know some effective solutions. This article offers the greatest tips you should take into consideration in order to gain experience of controlling the way your little child use this item.


Start them early

Most newborns change from breasting to weaning after being a half of one year old. In this period, you should instruct your baby to use nutrient fluids. However, remember that a study from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has shown that you allow him to drink blended fruit only when he successfully learn how to walk.

You can begin with giving him a sippy cup containing a holding component, covering item together with a durable spout. This aims at making him more adaptable with the new solids.

Your baby may use this wonderful cup during the first 9 months, between the period of breasting and weaning. Also, AAP advice that it is necessary for him to use a spout cup when his ages range from a half to one year old.

Being a smart user


Make sure that your little baby handles this useful item in the right way. The Healthy Children, an online page of AAP advice that stopping him from playing with the spout of this cup like a teat and sucking on too long. The reason is that a mouthful of liquids except water can cause some serious oral diseases.

As a clear evidence, a research of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shown that the proportion of toddlers ranging from 2 to 5 years old increased to 15% between 1994 and 2002.

Clearly, know when your child should give up his sippy cup

In reality, even the greatest cups cannot completely substitute to the ordinary bottle that the adult use. Abusing this item too much is likely the most fundamental reason for oral diseases.

Using spout cup too long causes the deformities of the oral bones, then harmfully effect on his speaking ability in the future. As a research from WebMD, this tool just effectively use around one month. Instead, giving your baby a cup with straw can totally support the comprehensive growth of his teeth.

It is the best for your baby to use the ordinary cups


AAP proves that the changing period  from sippy to ordinary cups should begin when your baby is from 12 to15 months old. Actually, it is best for you to let him be familiar with both items, ordinary cups for storing nutrient liquids and sippy ones for containing water.

The official site of IAOM (International Association of Orofacial Myology) offers all abnormally healthy signs below:

  1. Frequently keep toes into the mouth
    An abnormal deformity of the oral shape
    3. An anterior tongue thrust
    4. An anterior tongue thrust which causes a disorder related to the front teeth of the upper jaw
    5.Unilateral and bilateral tongue thrust
  2. Orofacial muscular imbalance while communicating or moving the mouth.

It is true that the serious problems about harmful acts, bad behaviors easily affect the health of teeth in a dangerous way. It totally obstructs your baby from having the best dental body part in the future.

One typical case of consequences is using or keeping a spout cup into mouth too frequently. Actually, you can keep your baby away such a harmful act like this by talking how much toxic chemicals contain in this item.

Remove your kid’s habit, using spout cups, when he is at the age of two or three

Another study from the American Academy of Pediatrics  has indicated that your kids can independently remove the habit of using a spout cup when he develops his both physical and mental growth. In fact, this product definitely brings no harm in case your baby only uses it in the period between breasting and weaning.

However, like how you decorate other items to attract your baby, you can totally apply that tip to a sippy cup.

With this article, hope that you can eliminate all issues about the utility of sippy cups

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