How to store your food when you can not miss a big sale?

Sales do not last forever in a year. Some supermarkets only have sales and promotion on some special occasions such as black Friday, year end and Christmas… When you see a promotion, can you pass by and ignore a dozen of food on the shelf? Why you don’t buy all of these foods and store it by the best food vacuum sealer? When you use the vacuum sealer machine to preserve the food, you can save much more money per year because you bought in bulk on the sales. The amount of money you can save will be up to 2,700 dollars per year. Moreover, with the vacuum sealer machine, the food will be kept fresher more than 5 times compared to other traditional preservation methods. When you are in hurry in the morning, you can easily pick up one of the preserved foods in the fridge and eat it after heating. You can save more time in day. There are some matters of preserving when you do not know how to store your food.

How big your space is?

In some families, they have a big space of cupboards and shelf so they can preserve a lot of things with this big space. However, other families do not have enough space to store food. If you have enough space to preserve the dozen of food, you are very lucky. But if you are not lucky, you do not have many options to choose when you want to store food, the vacuum sealer is a great help for you in that case. The vacuumed and sealed bags will be well – organized in the pantry shelves or in the fridge. By this way, you will have more space – saving to store more food.

Does your family often use this food?

It will be very economical when you buy ten packages of your favorite food such as pasta, noddle… when you find it on sales with the cheap prices and you know that your family will love to eat these foods all the time. However, it will not be economical when you buy ten jars of jams while it is not the favorite food of your family. You know that your family does not like jams but you still buy it because it is very cheap. Jams will be a ridiculous amount of your living cost this month because your family does not eat it regularly. Therefore, you should consider carefully before making decision buying something. You can make a list of useful items and foods so that you will not buy unnecessary items just because it is cheap.

How do you preserve it?

The best foods to store in your cupboards and pantry are nonperishable and dried foods until you need to use it. However, with some special foods such as meats, poultry, beef… you need to freeze it before storing. The most important thing to prevent the perishable foods from freezer burn is to keep it in air tight packages. If you have to store a huge amount of food, you must consider purchasing a vacuum seal machine as you will get a lot of benefits from it. Your storage space will be maximized with the sealed bags by stacking these bags in the fridge or freezer. One more important thing before you vacuum and seal food is that you should ensure all of the food completely cool down. If the food is still warm when you seal it, the steam can cause ice crystal forms inside the bags and prevent food from fresh longer.

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