Notices when buying air compressor and air pump

In the civil industry, nowadays, the air compressor plays a very important role in the production, operating and repairing machinery. Industries such as automotive, motorcycle repair; automobile, motorcycle care are also very focused by using air compressors. Because the compressor is usually located in densely populated areas, or in the people’ house, users should pay attention to the safety principles when purchasing and using. Finding the best air compressor at will help you reduce the noise when using, reduce the damage in the process of use. We would like to give some suggestions about safety principles when buying and using air compressors as follows:

Check the origins

Choosing the air compressor havingreliable origin will help you buy high quality machines, from the reputable brands will not only save the cost of operation such as power consumption, maintenance costs, spare parts but also reduce time and damage caused by the working stop machine. Compressors Jucai is the air compressor manufacturer trusted by a lot of enterprises because of the quality, durability and easy maintenance.

Safety verification documents

When buying the air compressor, you should ask a provider to give you all kinds of safety certificates issued by reputable organizations, which ensures that the air compressor you bought is assured the qualities about the thickness of compressed air tank, the stability and safety of engine equipment.

When buying an old air compressor needs to pay attention to:

  • Do not buy the rusted machine
  • Check the expiry date of the machine
  • And check the operating capacity of the machin

Operating capacity

Before purchasing the air pump, you must know the flow of appliances using the air (l / min or m3 / h) and the air flow total of compressor will be equal to the total flow of the entire tools and plus 25%.

Use process needs to notice:

Input power source

You should check whether you need the one – phase air compressor or the three – phase air compressor. the common voltage of one-phase electric current is 110V, 220V. The air compressor having 1HP of capacity or less can be used 110V electrical current, and 220V electric current for 1 HP of capacity or more.

Installation requirement needs to ensure:

After finishing choosing to buy an air compressor, basing on the use requirement, you can choose portable machine or the fixed one.

Portable air compressor: small size, using two wheels or four wheels to easily move, in accordance with the production.

Fixed air compressor: large volume and weight, so it is irrelevant to move. In addition, because of the fixed installation requirements and reducing vibration and noise, this type of air compressor is fixedly installed. However, when installing, users need to pay attention to the intensity level and fixed level.

Noise Level when running

The differences about the structure and the operation method make different noise level:

common piston compressor: Noise is generated when running machines without soundproofing, noise spreads around.

box – formed piston compressor: the body is as same as common type, but the side of chassis is specially designed, using premium materials to absorb sounds, vibration and soundproofing to reduce noises.

screw compressor: Usually designed as mixed form and the side of the chassis is specially designed by using premium materials to absorb sounds, vibrations and soundproofing, so noise is smaller than the piston machine.

Wish you have rational and satisfactory choices!

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